Today we finished up MAP testing in the lab. I had quite a few students who missed MAP testing yesterday due to the WEB event (in fact, 1/2 of my 5th hour was pulled out) so they were able to finish today.

Overall, the students had growth over the school year. I saw some huge gains, even in my students who already had very high scores.

A few of the students who had very high scores only gained a point or two, but it is really hard to maintain that level in middle school. I often have a hard time selecting books for the classroom library due to content. When you start to get into the high school level of reading it is a struggle with appropriate subject matter. Their scores will go up, but they will go up when they are ready to start reading books that deal with more mature subject matter. As long as they are not losing drastic points and they continue to read their score should stay pretty steady.

It was obvious seeing the kids scores that the reading is in fact impacting their reading score in class. I think they are also building the stamina to take these types of tests. Their vocabulary scores were also drastically increasing because they’ve been exposed to so many new words this year. I’ve had students tell me they haven’t read a book since 3rd grade and this year they will have read at least 9 (if they did every book talk)! I had many students that went well above and beyond the required one book a month! They originally thought this was a challenge they could never achieve and now they’re finishing books in days. I am so proud of them!

I encourage them to continue reading this summer, even if it is just one or two books to help maintain their reading stamina and continue to make growth.



Read at least 20 minutes to prepare for the book talk on Thursday, May 29.


~Mrs. Finley