Happy Friday!

Today in class we continued our book talk presentations. The students have come a long way since their first talk in September. It is great to see them honing their presentation skills. 9 book talks so far this year…and I know many students went above and beyond and have read more than the 9 required books. I’m so proud of them!

On Monday we will review for the final exam for Language Arts class. Language Arts is very circular in that we teach the same things over and over from middle school to high school with small changes and more complex texts. I keep stressing to the students that it’s important to get these skills down now, such as how to make inferences, with an easier text before the texts get too complex for them. The final will review the things that we have discussed all year long, such as inferences, figurative language, the meaning of words in context, etc. I anticipate that they will do very well. I will review with them briefly on Monday so that they know what to expect.

Finals begin on Tuesday and end on Wednesday. Classes will be double blocked, so most classes that see students on Tuesday will not be seen again until Thursday (with the exception of 3rd hour).

Here is our finals schedule:

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

9:05-10:55     1st hour exploratories

10:59-12:14   3rd hour & lunch

12:19-2:05     5th hour

2:09-4:10       6th hour


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

9:05-10:55     2nd hour

10:59-12:14   3rd hour & lunch

12:19-2:05    4th hour exploratories

2:09-4:10       7th hour



Please turn in all library books that belong to me as soon as possible! I need to start checking the inventory next week to make sure that they are all getting turned in or else will have to let Ms. Butler know of any “missing/lost” books so she can assign fines.


~Mrs. Finley