Today in class we discussed summer reading and went over some of the classroom rules and expectations for this school year.

Summer Reading: Students were asked to read any book over 150 pages by the second week of school. We really wanted the student to pick a book that they wanted to read. We will have an in class essay about the summer reading book on Thursday, August 18. This gives the students time to finish up a book or to read a book if they were new to Hayes. Students may bring their summer reading book with them on Thursday, August 18 for the writing assignment, however it is not required.

Classroom Rules & Expectations: Today we discussed the 5 rules in class (Be Respectful, Be Punctual, Bring materials, etc.) and went over some of the procedures of the class (how to check out a library book, what to do if the fire alarm goes off, etc.) Because we have a lot to cover I broke the day up by playing another get to know you game for the last 15-20 minutes of class. We will finish this up tomorrow!

Here is a quick glimpse of our Language Arts classroom for the 2016-2017 school year:

Top left picture: Teacher desk area, agenda on whiteboard, door to the classroom.

Top right picture: Back of the classroom has 15 student computers and our word wall.

Bottom picture: View from teacher’s desk. Projector and whiteboard in the front of the classroom. Carpeted library area. The black shelving unit holds Composition Notebooks for all classes. Pink post-it notes are currently on the desks for assigned seating, however they will be removed tomorrow.

Note: I do usually leave the fluorescent lights off in our classroom. I have had many students say it is more relaxing and inviting this way. It also seems to prevent me from having headaches. We do turn the lights on if a student requests for them to be turned on for an activity that we need better lighting to read, etc. 🙂



  • Please bring 1 Composition Notebook to class by Monday, August 15. We will personalize our notebook on Monday. Students may also bring in magazines or pictures that they would like to use to personalize their notebook.


  • Please bring 1 check or cash made out to EJH for the Language Arts workbook fee. We will be placing our order soon and want to make sure we have one for your student.


  • If you have not already done so, finish your summer reading book. Have it read by August 17. If available, please bring it with you for the in class writing assignment on Thursday, August 18.


~Mrs. Finley