Today we finished discussing classroom/school rules and expectations. By the end of class, many students were checking out books from our classroom library so they are ready for the weekend!

Monday we will personalize our notebooks for the school year. They may bring in magazines from home that they would like to use to decorate the cover of their notebook. It is important that students are able to express themselves and take ownership of their work, so one way of doing this is by starting the year with a personalized notebook. This also allows me some time to get to know them better and see their interests! We will also set-up our notebook to use for the school year by numbering pages, adding an index, answering a reading survey, etc.



  • Please bring a composition notebook for class by Monday.


  • Please bring one check for the $15 Language Arts workbook fee.


  • Finish reading your summer reading book for the in class essay on Thursday, August 18. Students may want to jot down some notes, such as important events in their book, the theme/moral of the story (central idea if the book was nonfiction), etc. They may bring their book with them on Thursday to write their essay and they may bring any notes they took on the book, however it is not required.


Have a wonderful weekend!

~Mrs. Finley