Today in class we finished setting up our notebooks for the year. We also discussed “Plickers” since we will be using them in class. I had the students tape their plicker in their notebook so that we can use it all year long. Plickers are cards that students can use to answer multiple choice questions. The design on the plicker looks like a funny QR code. I can take an iPad or cell phone and scan the students holding up their answers and it will record their answers. Students turn the plicker to make different multiple choice answers (the writing is on the side but very small so they can only read it). Each student was assigned a number and received their plicker today. I told them to put it in their notebook and not to necessarily all put “A” on the top of their plicker. It encourages kids to really show what they’ve learned in a safe environment and allows me the data so I can see who is understanding the content and who is not. I am really excited to use these throughout the school year and the kids seemed excited too!

It looks like the link I sent out last night for 7th grade homework was not activated yet. This new link should send you to the 7th grade homework page. You just need to click on the left side where it says “Homework” and select the week of school.

7th Grade Homework Website CLICK HERE

Please let me know if this new link is not working. It is working from my computer right now, but if it’s still broken we will look into it more.

We also have a QR code in every classroom that students can scan and it will take them directly to the homework website.


  • Please pay the $15 workbook fee if you have not done so already.


  • Be prepared for the in class essay on Thursday over the summer reading book. Students may bring their book, any notes they took on their book, etc. to class that day.


~Mrs. Finley