Today in class the students wrote about the theme or central idea of their summer reading book. They were asked to provide examples and make sure they explained their examples and how they prove the theme/central idea of the  book they read. We practiced this yesterday with a short story and filled out a pre-write R.A.C.E. strategy together. This strategy was also used in 6th grade. If a student is new to Hayes, I asked them to use the R.A.C.E. strategy if they felt comfortable with it, otherwise they could just use something that they had previously used.

Students had the whole class period to work and ERQ’s were turned in at the end of class. If the students finished early, they could read a book or work on their reading survey. The surveys are probably the best way for me to help students with books throughout the school year. They will have to read one book a month, however they are allowed to choose a book on their independent level. These surveys help me match students with books when they don’t know what to read next.

I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!

Core & Advanced: 

***Bring workbook fee as soon as possible.
***Bring back the reading survey completed (front & back) on Monday (if you did not turn it in during class today).
~Mrs. Finley