Today the students analyzed the central idea of the poem Harlem 2. After determining the central idea and listing their evidence why they logged on to Google Classroom and submitted this as an assignment. The goal was to make sure they could all get logged on and upload an assignment by the end of class.

The advanced class discussed the importance of setting and how it shapes the conflict, changes characters, and even when the setting can also symbolize something. We watched a few clips to also analyze how the characters changed based on their setting.


  • 3rd, 6th, & 7th hour: MobyMax Reading Level Assessment is due tomorrow. All students received a paper with their username and password to get logged on.


  • All classes: Find an independent reading book on your independent reading level (not too easy, not too hard). More information regarding a project will be coming home in the next week. 


7th Grade Homework Website

~Mrs. Finley