Today in class the students had the opportunity to retake their tests. I have entered all of the scores for 1st, 3rd, and 6th hour. A few students have to still finish their retake so they may not have a score in yet. 7th hour did not retake their test yet because we had team day outside during 7th hour. They will retake on Monday.


  • Read 20-30 minutes to prepare for the essay on 9/30. The essay can be turned in on Google Classroom.
  • If students did not finish MobyMax “Reading Skills Literature” or No Red Ink (Advanced students) they have until midnight to get it completed.
  • Advanced Only: Study vocabulary for the quiz on 9/23.

***The book fair begins next week! Bring money to purchase books.

7th Grade Homework Website

~Mrs. Finley