Good Morning!

Yesterday I completely forgot to post! Sorry!

We are reviewing some vocabulary and discussing some economic terms that will be in our new unit on extreme poverty and how individuals and governments can help around the world. We will also study how authors construct an argument to persuade readers.

The next two days, Wednesday and Thursday, I will not be at school because all the Language Arts teachers are attending a Professional Development on On Demand Writing and Assessment. The students will have a substitute both days. I am leaving them a short documentary to watch called Billions in Change that is about the creator of five-hour energy and some ways that he is helping to end extreme poverty around the world. They will answer some basic comprehension questions as they watch the documentary, but then they will also be analyzing the film. This documentary will help start our discussion to the new unit.

Friday I will be back at school and we will be going to the library for the book fair. It is the last day, so I have advised the students that if they have money and want a book they may want to try to go sooner than Friday so they still have a nice selection to choose from. The advanced students will also have their vocabulary quiz on Friday. Usually we play a review game, however since I’m out the two days before we will have to skip it this one time.

Advanced students will take a pre-test as homework on No Red over Phrases and Dependent Clauses. Based on the Diagnostic test the students took a lot of students are struggling with this and need some extra review. Before I assign the practice, I’d like to get a good measure to compare their post-test to to see how much they have gained. The quiz will take 15-20 minutes and is not due until Saturday at midnight. 🙂


I will blog once again on Friday! Have a great week!


All Classes:
*Read 20-30 minutes to prepare for the essay due on Google Classroom on 9/30.

*Bring money for the book fair.

*Study for the vocabulary quiz on Friday 9/23.

*No Red Ink Phrases and Dependent Clauses Pre-Test due on Saturday 9/24.

*MobyMax 30 minutes of “Reading Skills Informational” is due on Friday. (Please note: We are switching from “Reading Skills Literature” to “Reading Skills Informational.”)


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~Mrs. Finley