Sorry for not blogging yesterday! I had missed three days and was not in the habit of updating the website.

Today in class we focused on our narrative essay that the students wrote as an on demand. We focused just on hooks and introductions. I showed the students a lot of different ways that they can begin their narrative essay and gave them lots of examples. We will revise our introduction tomorrow in class. Through the next week or two we will revise our writing and go through the writing process with our narrative essay.


All students:
*Read 20-30 minutes to prepare for the one page essay due on Friday 9/30!  Turn in using Google Classroom!

Core Classes:
*MobyMax 30 minutes of “Reading Skills Informational” is due by Friday 9/30.

Advanced Classes:
*No Red Ink phrases and dependent clauses practice is due by Saturday 10/1.


7th Grade Homework Website


~Mrs. Finley