Today in class the students in first hour finished editing their papers and resubmitted them to me to grade. I moved their narrative rough draft from 1st quarter to 2nd quarter because we had not revised these pieces yet and felt it was unfair to leave it on the 1st quarter. Students in the other classes watched clips and discussed the impact of a philanthropic kid who helped her community. This is part of our charity unit. They will also be editing and revising their papers at a later date this quarter.


  • Read 20-30 minuets to prepare for the essay due on October 31. Please submit using Google Classroom.
  • Core: 30 minutes of MobyMax “Reading Skills Informational” is due by Saturday at midnight.
  • Advanced: No Red Ink pre-assessment quiz is due by Saturday at midnight.


Upcoming Events:

  • Friday, October 21st we will celebrate 1st quarter GPA’s.  If a student has a 4.0 GPA they will miss 7th hour for a party. If a student has a GPA between 3.5 and 3.9 they will miss 25 minutes of 4th hour for a party.
  • Red Ribbon Week starts next week Oct. 24-Oct. 28th.  Below are the themes and dress up attire for each day:
    • Monday: Oct. 24th Jeans Day and Neon Day-  The theme is I’m a “jean-ious” because I’m too bright to use drugs…Also My future is bright no drugs in sight! Everyone come dressed in jeans and either a bright neon top or bright neon socks.
    • Tuesday: Oct. 25th Twin Day-The theme is Save a friend from using drugs and alcohol. Dress exactly like someone else.
    • Wednesday: Oct. 26th Workout Wear Day-The theme is Stay healthy and Say, No to Drugs. Come dressed in workout wear.
    • Thursday: Oct. 27th Sports Day-The theme is Team up against drugs! Come dressed in a team jersey or shirt
    • Friday: Oct. 28th America Day-The theme is Pledge to help make America Drug Free. 6th graders come dressed in red, 7th graders come dressed in white, and 8th graders come dressed in blue.

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~Mrs. Finley