Today in class we read an article about a woman who helped out a young man in her community. The students analyzed the impact that she had on his life and the impact that was made on his children when he became older. Students had to cite evidence from the article to support the impact that they came up with.

Picture Retakes: If a student did not have their picture taken the first time due to absences or brought in a note stating they would like picture retakes they will have their picture taken tomorrow. If you are unhappy with your student’s picture, it is not too late to have retakes made. Please send a note with your student tomorrow to turn in to the front office and that they are dressed for pictures.


  • Read 20-30 minutes to prepare for the October book project due on 10/31. It should be turned on to Google Classroom using Google Docs.




  • Core: 30 minutes of MobyMax “Reading Skills Informational”  is due by Saturday at midnight.


  • Advanced: No Red Ink practice is due by Saturday at midnight. This is a more lengthy practice session and may take students 45-60 minutes to complete, so I encouraged them to start on it early.



Upcoming Events: Red Ribbon Week!

  • Tuesday: Oct. 25th Twin Day-The theme is Save a friend from using drugs and alcohol. Dress exactly like someone else.
  • Wednesday: Oct. 26th Workout Wear Day-The theme is Stay healthy and Say, No to Drugs. Come dressed in workout wear.
  • Thursday: Oct. 27th Sports Day-The theme is Team up against drugs! Come dressed in a team jersey or shirt
  • Friday: Oct. 28th America Day-The theme is Pledge to help make America Drug Free. 6th graders come dressed in red, 7th graders come dressed in white, and 8th graders come dressed in blue.


7th Grade Homework Website


~Mrs. Finley