Today in class students submitted their rough draft charity paper. I’ll spend some time working on editing and revising them with individual students. I’m also about half way through grading their October book essays, so I hope to have those done by this weekend so I can start on their charity papers.

I am out tomorrow for an appointment. I have received the student workbooks that were ordered at the beginning of the school year, so the students will receive their workbook and do some practice pages tomorrow.


  • If students did not turn in their research paper they need to complete it tonight as homework and submit using Google Classroom.
  • Read 20-30 minutes to prepare for the November essay due on 11/30. Please submit using Google Classroom.
  • Core: 30 minutes of MobyMax “Reading Skills Informational” is due by Saturday.
  • Advanced: No Red Ink Quiz is due by Saturday.
  • Bookmark challenge is offered for extra credit! They are available in the classroom. See Mrs. Finley for  a bookmark paper. The winner will get bonus extra credit points.

7th Grade Homework Website

~Mrs. Finley