Today in class we finished playing our review game over central idea v. theme and over the different points of view. We will take a review quiz tomorrow.


  • Read 20-30 minutes to prepare for the November book essay due on 11/30.
  • Core: 30 minutes of MobyMax “Reading Skills Informational” is due by Saturday.
  • Advanced: No Red Ink passive and active voice quiz is due by Saturday.


Upcoming Events:

  • Friday, November 11- Veterans Day Celebration at E.J. Hayes! We will have a catered lunch and a concert. Veterans are invited to eat with their student during their regularly scheduled lunch time (11:30-12:10 for 7th grade) and then join us for the Freedom Concert at 1:00 P.M. The Freedom Concert includes musical performances from the band, orchestra, and chorus, as well as video tributes and slide shows for our Veterans, and student and administration speakers.
  • Thursday, November 17- School Literacy Night. Students and parents are invited to come at 6 P.M. for the school spelling bee, storytime and book mark coloring contest, poetry cafe, and a game (Kahoot! or Quizzez). Food and drinks will be available to purchase in the poetry cafe.
  • Saturday, November 20- Please join E.J. Hayes at Barnes & Nobles. All proceeds help support our school library. At 10 A.M. Rock 101 will be playing. Mrs. Areaux, 7th grade Jaguar teacher and author, will be signing and selling copies of her books. Mrs. Butler, Hayes librarian, will also have a bookmark contest leading up to the November 20th event where students can submit a bookmark to win a copy of one of Mrs. Areaux’s books.


~Mrs. Finley