Good morning!

First hour was a little different today because it was team reward. These students will finish their test on Monday in class. For team reward students were allowed a free period to play on the computers, their devices, or watch a movie. They were also given mini cinnamon rolls.

Today in class students finished their test from yesterday or took a retake on the tests that I had graded. Today was also our library day so if students wanted to go check-out a book I sent a few at a time. If they were done with everything they had some class time to do MobyMax or read a book.


  • Read 20-30 minutes daily to prepare for the essay due on November 30. The essay should be typed and turned in to our Google Classroom page. Make sure you follow the essay guidelines and don’t just summarize your book. As always, they may turn it in early anytime! 🙂
  • Core: 30 minutes of MobyMax “Reading Skills Informational” is due tomorrow.
  • Advanced: No Red Ink passive and active voice practice is due tomorrow.


  • Any students that took a picture retake received their pictures today. Their picture orders are due by November 29.


7th Grade Homework Website


~Mrs. Finley